MakeOHI/O, 2017

Posted: January 17, 2017

Make something new. Make something amazing.

With this simple motto, the annual MakeOHI/O student hardware-orientated hackathon at The Ohio State University has grown exponentially each year. Registration is now open.

Ever since 2015, the event has lured in more than 100 technically-minded students looking to challenge their classroom skills in a hands-on learning marathon, alongside their classmates, industry reps and faculty mentors. Designing, building and communicating engineering concepts in 24 sleepless hours.

The 2017 MakeOHI/O is scheduled for the weekend of March 4 and 5, once again at the spacious Knowlton Hall on Ohio State campus.

“It was a very rewarding experience and it was very eye-opening what we could do in just 24 hours,” Priyanka Ganesh said about her time participating in the 2016 MakeOHI/O.

As part of one of the winning teams that year, Ganesh helped create an affordable American Sign Language Translator Glove that converts movement into text on a computer.

Organizers said they are currently looking for more sponsors, mentors and students to help take this year’s event to the next level.

Event coordinator and electrical and computer engineering student, J. Martin Troth, said this year again features free food and over $1,000 in prizes. Students aren’t required to have any previous hardware experience or materials, just show up with a promising idea and get started.

“Makeathon alumni know to come prepared to make something that captures the imagination, breaks technical barriers, and shows off your creative skills,” Troth said. “In case you’ve never been to a Hackathon or Makeathon, don’t worry – we will have plenty of resources available and people for you to work with. Seriously, no experience needed.”

He said two new prize categories were also added this year: Sprinters and Best Clutch.

“These are special awards to makers who start from scratch, bringing no hardware into the event, and makers who build an amazing project but are hindered from finishing it completely,” Troth said.

Sponsored in part by Harris Corporation and Battelle, the Makeathon also creates a good opportunity for students to show off their skills in front of corporate sponsors – always seeking out the next round of future engineers after graduation.

To learn more and register, visit the MakeOHI/O website at Watch a video from last year’s Makeathon: