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Computer Engineering program enters TFE Times Top 10

According to the 2017 TFE Times collegiate rankings, The Ohio State University's Computer Engineering (CE) program officially cracked into the Top 10 among public and private universities nationwide.

While Ohio State's CE program ranked 14th in the 2016 report, this year's rankings indicate an advancement to 9th place - in league with other prestigious universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Cornell. 

TFE Times rankings are reportedly based on student test scores, starting salary and bonus, undergraduate GPA, acceptance rate and full time graduates employed at graduation or three months after graduation.

Computer Engineering Rankings Components:

30% Mean GRE Scores
25% Mean Starting Salary and Bonus
15% Mean Undergraduate GPA
15% Acceptance Rate
10% Full Time Graduates Employed at Graduation
5% Full Time Graduates Employed 3 Months after Graduation

Overall Score

According to TEF Times, a score for each program is the weighted average of each of the components respective score, where the weights sum to 100%. The final scores are normalized and are not rounded.