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EE Times names Nikola Labs among best in new tech

EE Times just announced its 2016 list of "Emerging Companies to Watch," and Nikola Labs is among the top.

Find the full article here.

"There is no shortage of startup companies coming through to be considered for admission to the Silicon 60," writer Peter Clark explains. "EE Times has selected 25 startup companies to come on to version 17.1 of its list of 60 firms that we feel are worth keeping an eye on. Some are more mature than others and may be lucky enough to start seeing the market coming towards them."

Nikola Labs LLC was founded in October 2014 through a partnership with The Ohio State University, Ikove Venture Partners, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering professors.

"Nikola Labs specializes in wireless power solutions and radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting for mobile devices," the EE Times article states. "The company's energy harvesting system converts ambient RF signals – such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE — into usable DC power suitable for sensors and devices."

EE Times has been updating and publishing the Silicon 60 since April 2004 to reflect the latest corporate, commercial, technology and market conditions. 

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