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CERF 2016 Research Winners Announced

With over 200 ongoing scientific projects taking place at The Ohio State University ElectroScience Lab (ESL), Tuesday was dedicated exclusively toward highlighting those jointly involved in the Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF).

Tuesday's day-long 2016 CERF annual conference hosted by ESL featured an array of scientific speakers, detailing research in the realms of radar, navigation and sensing, electromagnetics (em), radio frequency (rf) circuits, optics, antenna design and more. Featured speakers included ESL faculty and researchers, such as John Volakis, Andrew O'Brien, Graeme Smith, Fernando Teixeira, Bob Burkholder, Ron Reano, Shane Smith, Teh-Hong Lee and Asimina Kiourti.

The event also featured several poster presentations by students and post docs, whose work corresponded to those scientific topics explained and discussed throughout the day by faculty. 

Among those poster presenters, ESL announced its annual research poster winners:

CERF 2016 research poster contest winner, Nicole Tchorowski explains her work to a fellow colleague. • First place $200 prize: "Situational Awareness using GNSS Adaptive Antennas," by student Nicole Tchorowski and advisor Inder J. Gupta.

• Second place $100 prize: "Passive Radar Subarray Antenna Design," by Matt Barr, J. Landon Garry and advisor Graeme E. Smith. 

Second place winner Matt Barr stands with his research poster at the 2016 CERF event.

The 2016 annual CERF conference and research presentation was originally created to allow faculty and researchers at ESL to join together and share their expertise with the wider scientific industry and community. ESL-CERF is governed by a Consortium Advisory Board (CAB) consisting of University Representatives and selected Industrial Affiliates. By joining into the CERF, members have access to state-of-the-art facilities, faculty and student researchers, as well as special annual short courses tailored to their needs. From Aug 3-5, ESL is offerring 10 short courses corresponding to the CERF research activities. 

Greg Creech, Principal Investigator (PI) of CERF at Ohio State, gave special recognition to ESL Assistant Michelle Diefenbach and Facilities Coordinator Yesim Anter for their work organizing the annual event.

"They did an outstanding job," he said.

Ohio State's ESL lab is world-renowned in the scientific community of EM (antennas, antenna platform interactions, EMI/EMC, scattering, etc.) and RF circuits and systems. These areas are the backbone of all modern communication, radar, telemetry, remote sensing and navigation systems. The demand for well trained students capable of analyzing, designing, developing and conducting measurements in these technological areas is exploding. US industry and DoD need to keep their workforce informed of the latest technological developments and breakthroughs in these areas to field the next generation systems in a timely fashion. ESL-CERF is designed to meet these needs.

Find pictures from the event here: