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Introducing: Buckeye Kilowatt
New Ohio State electric boat racing program sets sights on new water speed world...
Tire Sensors of the Future
Powered by the movement of the tire itself
Secrets to a Terrific Technical Talk
Brought to you by Prof. Betty Lise Anderson of the Ohio State University...
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Unique videos, new research, student profiles and much more
2016 ECE Graduate Student Orientation
Event Agenda and Library Overview details
Discovery Themes: Early Disease Detection in Food Crops
One day a farmer, cup of coffee in hand, may launch a small drone from his back...
News From Above: SMAP Update in IEEExplore
After over a year collecting data from space, The Ohio State University's...
CERF 2016 Research Winners Announced
With over 200 ongoing scientific projects taking place at The Ohio State...

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