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New Website: RF Microsystems Research Group

Within the Ohio State University's RF Microsystems Research Group, students and faculty continually explore the relationship between micro/nanotechnology and electromagnetics. 

A new website for the group now provides a one-stop-shop experience to learn more about its current work and student projects. 

Find the new website here:

Principal Investigator and Research Assistant Professor Nima Ghalichechian, said the main approach within the group is to use novel microfabrication techniques to develop small scale high frequency electromagnetic devices and systems. 

"Specifically, we are focused on reconfigurable antennas and circuits, millimeter-wave (30-300 GHz) antennas, phased arrays, innovative beam steering techniques, terahertz (>300 GHz)  microsystems, sensors, novel materials, and microfabrication processes," Ghalichechian said. "Occasionally our research intersects with the microwave area (<30 GHz)."

Research taking place at the RF Microsystems Research Group currently involves students working on electrical characterization of specific polymers at the millimeter wave and terahertz bands at the HELIOS Lab, projects involving reconfigurable antennas, 3D printed antennas, and even implantable pulmonary artery banding for congenital heart disease.