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Shroff joins $2.4 million NSF project

Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Ness Shroff is working with Rice University on a $2.4 million National Science Foundation (NSF) project to advance large-scale wireless technology.

Rice University professors involved said the research they are working on could one day be the "key technology" that enables greater capacity for next-generation cellular technology, as well as lower-priced wi-fi.

"Large-scale multi-user MIMO technology is a key enabler in meeting the 1,000x data challenge - that of increasing spectrum efficiency by a factor of 1,000 when compared to current 4G data networks," said NSF Program Director Thyaga Nandagopal. "The National Science Foundation has funded basic research in this area for several years now, and this project will advance this research to the next level by addressing the system-level challenges that can hinder the realization of this technology's full potential."

Find the full story posted via Rice University HERE.