Zhang takes tops at EMC

Posted: October 2, 2015

Top paper honors for the 2015 Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) went to ECE graduate research associate Zeng Zhang.

Among two winners selected, out of approximately 200 papers showcased at the event, Zhang and his team successfully presented their work, “BB2: Deep Level States in p-Type GaN Grown by Ammonia-Based Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition.”

The award also includes a $500 cash prize and a plaque presented to the team during a ceremony in 2016.

Co-authors on the paper include fellow ECE students and faculty Esmat FarzanaAaron Arehart and Steven Ringel, as well as their ECE counterparts from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The paper deals with the issues that arise from the use of Mg-doped p-type GaN in optoelectronic devices (i.e. light emitting diodes or laser diodes) and advanced transistor designs. For the first time, the authors applied novel characterization techniques and structures, revealing the presence of electrically active defects throughout p-GaN bandgap.

"This information is important for the whole GaN research community as it allows for further growth optimization and enhanced device performance," Zhang explained.

Read the full abstract HERE.

The EMC is the annual forum on the preparation and characterization of electronic materials. It featured a plenary session, parallel topical sessions, a poster session and an industrial exhibition.

Winners of the annual EMC paper forum are typically honored during each year's opening ceremony. This year’s summertime event took place at the Ohio Union in Columbus. The 2016 conference is scheduled to take place at the University of Delaware on June 22 to 24.