D3: Semester-Long Hackathon Club

Posted: October 22, 2015

Does the phrase SEMESTER-LONG HACKATHON interest you? 

There's a new organization at OSU. D3: Design, Develop, Deploy, The Entrepreneurial Startup Club is focused on bringing coders, creatives, and designers together, putting them in teams, and having them build a product (be in an app, a website, or even a hardware piece) in 12 weeks or less.

"Starting in Spring 2016, what we're doing is creating a student-run incubator. There's no equity taken or prize money given, but tons of assistance and lots of guidance IS given," club rep Alex Ogorek said. "When you join D3, you'll be matched with others who complement your skills, and you'll be guided along a 12-week process to build (at the minimum) a prototype of your idea/product."

Experience in building products, coding or designing isn't a prerequisite, he said. 

"We're looking for people to make this organization great and to help show the other OSU students and faculty how amazing the students at OSU actually are," Orgorek said. "D3 isn't about only networking or just talking theory. If you want to actually build a product, come join D3."

To learn more, express interest or to discuss more with a member, visit www.d3osu.org or email interest to: contactd3osu@gmail.com