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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Robert Dybdal


Robert Dybdal
This year's recipient of the College of Engineering's Distinguished Alumnus Award is Electrical Engineering graduate Dr. Robert Dybdal.

He was presented the award earlier this year for his lifetime achievements within the industry. Dybdal earned his MA and Ph.D. at ECE in 1964 and 1968, respectively.

Since graduating from Ohio State, Dybdal has worked on satellites at the Aerospace Corporation, where he went on to earn more patents than any previous employee in the history of the company.

Dybdal remains active with ECE as an adjunct professor, research supporter at the ElectroScience Lab and member of the department's Campaign Committee.

"The whole trick in life, in my opinion, is to figure out what you really relish and go for it," he said. "Ohio State was a great place to learn, sample new ideas, and understand how you wanted to evolve. I very much enjoyed the time that I spent here; the association I had with the ElectroScience Lab. And that has continued over the years ... One of the reasons for my particpation here is to help the university continue to grow and evolve."

Watch a video interview with Dybdal: HERE.


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