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Nikola Labs awarded Ohio Third Frontier grant

The momentum of Nikola Labs in the news shows no sign of stopping lately.

The Columbus Dispatch announced the company - born from a collaboration between The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, IKOVE Venture Partners and the Ohio State Technology Commercialization Office - was awarded money by the Ohio Third Frontier Commission to commercialize new technologies and products. The commission met on June 11, providing funds through the Technology Validation and Start-up Fund Program.

According to the new award, Nikola Labs has been given $100,000 to further develop the Harvest cellphone case, which captures energy the devices otherwise waste, converting radio frequency waves into usable DC power to keep the phone charged over 30 percent more throughout the day.

IKOVE co-founder and ECE alumnus Rodolfo Bellesi said the funding allows for Nikola Labs to widen the scope of its ongoing product development.

"The TVSF grant is going to help develop the technology further, both by expanding our product line to other phone models and also helping us develop potential OEM solutions for other industry players (not necessarily in mobile communication)," he said.

The Ohio Third Frontier Commission previously channeled funds to ECE's Yuan Zheng's circular wave drive robotic gearing invention back in March. 

In all, the Ohio Third Frontier Commission approved $1.55 million to advance startup and early-stage companies around the state.

Nikola Labs just launched its Kickstarter fundraising campaign earlier this month, which has already received over $50,000 of support in just a few days. To learn more about how to purchase and support Nikola Labs click HERE.