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Alumni Spotlight: Liza Toher-Reed

In this new video feature, I am visiting with different alumni from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and learning more about how their time at Ohio State changed the course of their lives professionally and especially, why they choose to stay connected with ECE all these years later.

In today's edition, we speak with alumna Liza Toher-Reed ('06 and '10).

"Ohio State and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have meant so much to me and really changed a lot of the trajectory of my life," she said. "I started at Ohio State as a Math major and then came to Electrical Engineering through seeing my friends and what they were doing, doing a couple labs and realizing that this was the place that I wanted to be, and this is what I was really passionate about."

Toher-Reed remains active, serving on the ECE Campaign Committee and the Ohio State Alumni Association Board of Directors.

 Click HERE to view the full video.


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