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Potter wins HKN award

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at Ohio State University announced its winners for the 2015 Fred H. Pumphrey Distinguished Teaching Award. Honored as this year's winner is Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Lee Potter.

Honorable Mentions for the award went out to Dr. Betty Lise Anderson and Dr. Wei Zhang.

"I’m honored to be a Pumphrey finalist with professors Anderson and Zhang," Potter said. "Betty Lise brings intellect, energy and enthusiasm that are infectious; Wei has a talent for guiding students to see beauty and utility in difficult or abstract engineering concepts."

Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding juniors and seniors in Electrical Engineering. HKN also promotes better communications and relationships between faculty and students.

"Our department has inherited a legacy of dedicated teachers," Potter said, "Jack Richmond, John Kraus, Bob Garbacz, Bob Fenton, David Orin, Ri-Chee Chou, and many, many  others. We have the opportunity to uphold that legacy."

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