Semiconductor Today publishes work from @OhioStateECE

Posted: March 17, 2015


Results from a research collaboration between @OhioStateECE (ECE and MSE Associate Professor Siddharth Rajan’s group), IMRE Singapore and NTU Singapore were highlighted twice recently by Semiconductor Today

The first one was in Applied Physics Letters, while the second one was presented at the IEDM conference.

The work, reported in Applied Physics Letters and the IEDM conference, discusses the properties of FINHEMTs, which are nanometer scale transistors based on Gallium Nitride, a promising new semiconductor which was also the topic for this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics.

The work done by NTU and OSU shows that these FINHEMT structures have built-in strain effects that can enable higher current density and speed than previously thought possible. The work could have significant applications for future high frequency transistors as well as for digital logic.

To check out the articles, click HERE and view the full paper PDF HERE.