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Yuejie Chi's paper receives IEEE Young Author Award

Assistant Professor Yuejie ChiAssistant Professor Yuejie Chi's paper, "Sensitivity to Basis Mismatch in Compressed Sensing," has been selected as the 2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society's Young Author Best Paper Award. Chi was a student member of IEEE at the time the paper was submitted.

The paper was co-written by Louis L. Scharf (Colorado State University), IEEE Life Fellow; Ali Pezeshki (Colorado State University), IEEE Member; and A. Robert Calderbank (Duke University), IEEE Fellow. It appears in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Volume: 59, No. 5, May 2011. (

The paper examines the sensitivity of compressed sensing to mismatch between the assumed and actual sparsity bases when examining images. The research for the paper indicates that the performance of compressed sensing for approximating a sparse physical field may degrade considerably in the presense of basis mismatch, even when the assumed basis corresponds to a fine-grained discretization of the parameter space. In areas of high-resolution spectrum analysis, DOA estimation or delay-doppler imaging (where the problem is to identify a small number of model parameters) extra care may be required to account for the effects of basis mismatch.

The awards ceremony will be at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing in Florence, Italy. The awards are part of the opening ceremony at ICASSP 2014 on the first full day of the conference.