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Dispatch features Professor Umit Ozguner in article about networked vehicles

Professor Unit OzgunerCould advances in networked vehicles help eliminate fender benders, rear-enders and other crashes? A recent article published in the Columbus Dispatch explored this very issue. 

Umit Ozguner, professor of electrical and computer engineering, was featured in the Columbus Dispatch article, "Chatty Cars Can Avert Crashes: Soon, Networked Vehicles Will Talk to One Another," by Ashley Halsey, III of The Washington Post

Ozguner's research in this area focuses on three projects:
* warning drivers that somebody else is about to run a red light; 

* helping drivers find the quickest and most fuel-efficient route, depending on current conditions; 

* testing whether fully or partly automated cars can operate safely among other vehicles driven mostly by people (click here to see a video of such a test at Ohio State, involving one automated car, one semi-automated car, and two driven by people). 

Although intelligent-transportation technology is developing rapidly, Ozguner said, questions remain about who’ll pay for it, how it will be used and who’d be legally responsible if something goes wrong. One concern is that drivers might become less attentive if they assume their car will protect them.

Read the complete article on the Columbus Dispatch website.