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The year in review: ECE Annual Report published

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering achieved record graduate student enrollment and research expenditures in the 2010-2011 school year. In addition, the department welcomed six new faculty members.

Highlights of the 2010-2011 annual report include:

  • DARPA Awards $2.53 Million for Active Sensing Research: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a $2.53 million, three-year grant to a consortium of institutions led by The Ohio State University for active sensing via compressive illumination research. ECE Professor Lee Potter leads the project, which seeks to address the issue of how to collect only that data which is informative for the desired task.
  • Marvin White Named Distinguished Alumnus: ECE alumnus and current faculty member Marvin White was honored with a distinguished alumnus award by the Ohio State College of Engineering at the 2011 Excellence in Engineering & Architecture Alumni Awards.
  • Terahertz Research Grows with New Lab: A new, high sensitivity terahertz camera could enable visibility in brown-out conditions, such as during sand storms and/or rotorcraft take-off and landing in desert environments. Terahertz sensors could monitor the purity and quality of pharmaceutical products while on the production line, and be used by consumers to identify unmarked pills. These are just two examples of the groundbreaking research that is ongoing and will continue to grow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s new center for research, testing and commercialization of terahertz sensors.
  • More to the Face Than Meets the Eye: Aleix Martinez, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, and his research team are working to identify the cognitive model used by the human visual system to process facial expressions of emotion. Not only is this a critical precursor to developing technology that imitates human perception, it could also have implication in the diagnosis of certain pathologies.

The annual report, which is available online in PDF format, also includes a message from ECE Chair Robert Lee, student statistics, faculty and student award news and more.

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