Taylor Williams earns second place at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Posted: May 18, 2011

Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams, an undergraduate student in electrical and computer engineering, tied for second place in the engineering category at the 2011 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Williams is advised by Prof. Lee Potter, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.

"Being involved in research as an undergraduate has been a great way to learn and discover outside of the classroom and see what graduate research is like,” said Williams. “There is a distinctly different learning experience in research since the answer is not always known. I love being able to work through a problem and discover a solution that may have not been there before.”

Results from Williams’research project, Efficient Sonar Imaging Using Compressive Sensing, show that the compressive sensing framework uses just 10% of the measurements required by conventional imaging algorithms—such as filtered backprojection—to yield a similar quality image when used in sonar imaging. These findings are directly portable to radar imaging, a field with a high level of research for both military and civilian uses.

“I've enjoyed being able to actually build something physical with my research. There have been some rewarding challenges that have come from applying theory to an actual real-world system,” said Williams. “I'd also like to thank Dr. Potter for his support on the project. He has been an essential resource in my work.” 

Williams’ research poster will be on display, along with the 67 other winning posters, in the Thompson Library’s Buckeye Reading Room (second floor) through Sunday, May 22, 2011.

A record 580 students presented projects at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on May 11, 2011, including eight electrical and computer engineering students. Six ECE faculty members served as advisors to participating students who conduct research on a wide variety of topics.

Additional participating electrical and computer engineering students and faculty include:

  • Forest Agostinelli, “Applying Supervised Learning and Emotional State to Conversational Agents. Advisor: Prof. Paolo Bucci and Prof. Bruce Weide
  • Sanyam Bajaj, “Study of Atomic Layer Deposited Dielectric-semiconductor.” Advisor: Prof. Siddharth Rajan (ECE)
  • Mengyuan Guo, “Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting for Small Electronics.” Advisor: Prof. Waleed Khalil (ECE)
  • Kyle McNicholas, “Impact of Growth Parameters on Native Point Defects in Titanium Dioxide.” Prof. Leonard Brillson (ECE)
  • Vahid Rajabian Schwart, “Synchronous Observers for Automated Validation of Embedded Reactive Systems.”Advisors: Prof. Ashok Krishnamurthy (ECE)
  • and Prof. Paolo Sivilotti
  • Tom Zajdel, “Perturbation Theory of Wave Scattering from Rough Layered Media.” Advisor: Prof. Joel Johnson (ECE)
  • Dominic Labanowski, “Imaging Using Local Magnetic Field Effects For Spintronic Applications.”Advisor: Prof. Chris Hammel

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, created in 1996, showcases outstanding student research and encourages all undergraduates to participate in research as a value-added element of their education. The Denman Forum is a cooperative effort of The Ohio State University's Honors & Scholars Center, Undergraduate Research Office, and Office of Research. Visit the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum websitefor more information.