Research times to decrease dramatically thanks to Intel donation

Posted: May 24, 2011

The time required to run high-performance simulations at the ElectroScience Laboratory will decrease drastically thanks to a donation by Intel Corporation of 12 new i7-870 Intel processors. The new processors are expected to decrease simulation times from several hours per simulation using current equipment, to just several minutes.

Waleed Khalil, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, and his team will use the processors to build a 12-machine cluster server for use in high-performance radio frequency and electromagnetic simulations for RF-integrated circuits. The cluster will be available to any interested electrical and computer engineering faculty member at Ohio State, as well as the 100+ researchers and graduate student researchers at the ElectroScience Laboratory.

The donation is part of Intel’s equipment donation program to universities and institutes worldwide. Not only does the donation help advance research at Ohio State, but researchers also give feedback to Intel about equipment performance, thus helping improve future processor design cycles.

More information: Contact Waleed Khalil, at and 614-292-0305.