Chris Toothman takes second place in eLearning Multimedia Challenge

Posted: April 29, 2011

Chris Toothman, videographer for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, won second place in the CIO’s Year of eLearning Multimedia Challenge for his video on how the Integrated Sophomore Experience has increased student engagement.

The eLearning Multimedia Challenge called on participants to create a video, audioor other digital media piece that shows how technology increases student engagement or improves instructors’ teaching. A team of Ohio State faculty, staff, and students evaluated every entry, specifically rating each entry’s message (50%), inspiration (20%), creativity (20%), and craftsmanship (10%). View the complete list of winners and their entries at

The Integrated Sophomore Experience is a new initiative designed to engage and excite sophomore students about electrical and computer engineering and the program at Ohio State. It includes an integrated learning environment in a spacethat is just for sophomores including space for learning, studying and socializing; modern, open labs, that feature state-of-the-art equipment and software, and are fully integrated with the lectures; challenging and fun lab projects, including building an electronic keyboard, acoustic radar, robot arm control, solar cell characterization and other interesting projects.

Special thanks go to Furrukh Khan, professor of electrical and computer engineering; Robert Lee, chair and professor of electrical and computer engineering and Jessie Zhao, ECE student, for their time and guest appearances in the video.

Find more videos from Toothman and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  via the ECE YouTube channel.

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