Sleiman Bou-Sleiman awarded SBC Presidential Fellowship

Posted: December 2, 2010

Sleiman Bou-Sleiman
Sleiman Bou-Sleiman, a fourth-year PhD student in electrical and computer engineering, was awarded a 2011 SBC Presidential Fellowship, the most competitive and prestigious scholarly recognition provided by The Ohio State University Graduate School.

The SBC Presidential Fellowship recognizes outstanding scholarship and research ability and provides recipients with the opportunity to devote themselves to their dissertation research full time.

Bou-Sleiman, who is advised by Prof. Mohammed Ismail, conducts research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Analog VLSI Lab. His research aims to develop solutions to the problems that are limiting next generation wireless chip sets or systems-on-chip (SoC), for 4G and beyond, from taking full advantage of the rapid advances in nanoelectronics technology. Although wireless systems have become more powerful, they are also much less dependable as their performance is neither always optimal nor well controlled. This is particularly true for the radio frequency (RF) and mixed signal (analog/digital) part of the chip set which represents a major bottleneck for circuit designers when attempting successful system integration.

At the Analog VLSI Lab, Bou-Sleiman and other researchers are looking for ways to leverage the benefits of newer nano-scale technologies towards achieving robust RF and mixed signal performance in the presence of random process variations and/or changes in environmental conditions. They propose smart, "self-healing" RF and analog design techniques that are self-aware and deploy built-in-self-test together with digital self-calibration.

Bou-Sleiman’s work has resulted in a US patent disclosure and a number of IEEE journal and conference papers.