MS to PhD Internal Application

Current or previously enrolled ECE MS students can apply to the ECE PhD program.

There are 2 options: 

·         Transfer from ECE MS program to Direct PhD program (prior to finishing the MS degree)

·         Apply to ECE PhD after graduating with ECE MS with continuous enrollment

The application process is the same for both options.

The PhD degree requirements are different depending on if you complete the MS or not. If not, follow the BS to PhD requirements. If you finish the MS before beginning the PhD, follow the MS to PhD requirements

The internal ECE application from MS to PhD for an active student includes:

  1. ECE Application to Continue for PhD Form
  2. Student Advising Report
  3. Two ECE PhD Recommendation Forms from ECE faculty; one recommendation is from the ECE faculty who has agreed to advise the applicant's PhD studies.

If the student has been inactive for 1 year or more, the Graduate School requires an Intra-University Graduate Program Transfer to be submitted online through the admissions software. The recommendations can be submitted online or by email to the graduate coordinator. There is no additional documentation or cost associated with the IGT application. 

Once the ECE Graduate Coordinator has all of the documents, the ECE Graduate Studies Committee will review the packet. The student will be notified by email of the decision.

Students who have completed an MS degree outside The Ohio State University follow standard university admissions procedures. Evidence of independent research ability is critical for admission to the doctoral program. Refer to the Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit or contact an ECE Graduate Coordinator with questions.