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Lisa Fiorentini MS Laboratory

Lisa Fiorentini MS Laboratory

I am a faculty member in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The Ohio State University, and Associate Fellow at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). I received my BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Universita' Politecnica delle Marche, Italy, in 2003 and I received my MS and PhD from The Ohio State University in 2007 and 2010, respectively. From 2010 to August 2013 I worked as Research Associate and Senior Research Associate at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at The Ohio State University. In August 2013 I have joined the ECE department as a Faculty member. 

Principal Investigator

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Prof. Fiorentini's News and Recent Awards

New aerospace project funded by SpaceWERX

Prof. Fiorentini's 2022-2023 STTR proposal with Ombra has been funded through the SpaceWERX Orbital Prime Program. The objective of the project is to develop a control system that will allow a standalone CubeSat to perform attitude determination and control for mission sustainability. The main purpose of the CubeSat is to facilitate active debris removal missions.

Prof. Fiorentini was awarded the 2022 Ohio State-Honda Partnership Award

Winner of the Ohio State-Honda Partnership Award, Lisa Fiorentini, a CAR-affiliated faculty member, has played a crucial role in establishing a relationship between The Ohio State University masters program and Honda. “Honda has been great to work with,” said Fiorentini. “The associates worked with the students and allowed them to go in their manufacturing plant and see the impact of the work they were doing.” This project, as well as Fiorentini’s significant contributions to research and education all made her the perfect candidate for the Ohio State-Honda Partnership Award. -Cassie Forsha

Buckeye AutoDrive team places second overall in inaugural competition

In the AutoDrive Challenge II competition, sponsored by GM and SAE, ten selected teams are taking on the challenge of developing and demonstrating in 4 years an autonomous vehicle (AV) that can navigate urban driving courses as described by SAE J3016™ Standard Level 4 automation. Prof. Fiorentini is one of the three Faculty Advisors of the OSU BuckeyeDrive Challenge II Team. In June 2022, the team earned second place in the first year of the competition.

New advanced mobility radar project funded by TRC

A new project sponsored by the Transportation Research Center (TRC Inc.) on radar sensor detection for automated vehicles will kick off in Fall 2022 and last 2 years. Prof. Fiorentini is a co-PI for the project, and she will work with with Bob Rhoads (co-PI) and Lauren Eichaker (PI). 

More About Me

As one of the three ECE faculty that runs the ECE MS Program, I created this website

  1. for prospective MS students to explore what opportunities they will be offered in our Department and at OSU; 
  2. for our current MS students to find answers to some FAQs and to learn about the ongoing projects they can join; and
  3. for all Companies, Research Labs or Professors that want to build a partnership with our MS Program.

My research interest lies in the field of control and system theory: nonlinear and adaptive control; robust control; modeling; tracking and regulation problems; system analysis and optimization. UGVs control: optimal task assignment; mission-level path planning; SLAM; high-level and low-level control. Embedded systems and sensor fusion. Autonomy in vehicles. Control applications in robotics, aerospace and automotive engineering.