International Inclusive STEM Education (iSTEM)

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International Inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education

  •    Develop low-cost projects and experiments for classrooms and laboratories.
  •    Develop on-line courses on the experiments and projects.
  •    Aim at kindergarten (5 yrs old), grade school, high school, and university students.
  •    Emphasize inclusive / international programs, STEM for social justice education



double-arrowSchool-Age Experiments

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Moderated Web Site

This is not a "public web site" where anyone can log in, fully edit the site, and make contributions (e.g., a Wiki). Study the contributions and format of what is given (e.g., the fact that often all details on how to construct projects or experiments are shared), then propose to one of the following moderators a post.  In your email be sure to include information like given in other posts here, and if you want you can simply provide a link to your own site, but in that case please provide a short explanation of what you have done along with the link, and a high resolution digital photo of the experiment.  The current moderators are:


The following sites have information on STEM education and experiments:

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