Humanitarian Engineering E-Seminars

“Engineering” can be defined as “the use of science and mathematics to invent, create, design, develop, or improve technologies.” 

“Technology” is often thought of simply as a “tool” that extends human capability (e.g. from hammers to the internet).

“Humanitarian” has been defined as “concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare” (Apple dictionary), which is quite a bit broader than typical interpretations of this word (e.g., it does not just apply to disasters or international work, but local/domestic work). 

Humanitarian engineering is the creation of technology to promote human welfare


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OSU HE e-Seminars web site was initiated: 11/1/13

Some of the content at this site is based on the Scholarship in Engineering for Social Justice: A Practitioner's Forum that was collaboratively edited with Thomas Colledge at Penn State.