Computer and Digital Systems

The Ohio State ECE program offers curriculum educating students on the design and construction of modern computers and computer-based systems. Students delve into logic design, which focuses on the binary language of digital systems, as well as the means for manipulating and storing information to accomplish useful functions. The curriculum also offers the study of modern computer architecture, computer networking, VLSI chip design, and other advanced topics.

Computer engineering interfaces strongly with many other areas of electrical engineering (electronics, electromagnetics, signal processing, and control theory), also fitting into the realm of computer science.

Faculty in the program have expertise in specialized areas such as computer architecture and systems; power and thermal management; embedded systems; energy efficiency and real time systems; and high performance computing.

The ECE Computer and Digital Systems program is geared toward those students wanting to learn how to build hardware from the ground up. In this program, they receive training in the construction and design of software and hardware for embedded and general operating systems. Embedded systems are the digital lifeblood of modern technological consumer products, from GPS and traffic lights, to medical equipment and modern vehicle controls.

After graduation, students often go into rewarding careers at companies such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Intel, IBM, or those dealing specifically with smart systems, embedded systems and computer applications. This curriculum area also prepares students for careers in manufacturing, as virtually all microprocessors are constructed for use in embedded systems.