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Goal 4: Grow departmental resources & optimize their use to support goals in education, research, and service


Allocate significant efforts to and achieve success in development

  • Work with college development office and department development officers to create and execute a “roadmap” for development on both the alumni and corporate fronts
  • Complete departmental campaign committee and support its development efforts
  • Increase communication with potential donors
  • Create environment in ECE to maintain long-term ties with current students
  • Plan for Caldwell renovation/replacement
  • Obtain funds for new endowed chairs or professorships
  • Promote proposals to foundations 

Hire and retain the best faculty members

  • Hire based on department priorities and hire for excellence
  • Enhance mentorship program for junior and mid-level faculty
  • Ensure department culture and work environment promote retention of productive faculty
  • Increase number of faculty members in leadership positions in the college and university, including placing faculty in the President and Provost’s leadership institute

Provide excellent customer service to faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community

  • Eliminate current deficits for staff support
  • Add department staff to improve operational efficiency and provide greater support for faculty and departmental initiatives
  • Review current processes and support staff functions to identify methods to enhance, automate, simplify, and standardize, while increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Implement an effective annual performance evaluation process that is consistent with department priorities
  • Promote professional development opportunities for staff
  • Provide timely financial information to the chair and faculty
  • Implement audit recommendations efficiently and effectively

Expand and improve facilities

  • Expand industry support for research and educational facilities
  • Develop plan for continued renovation of Caldwell Laboratory prior to future replacement
  • Develop plan for expansion of department research facilities on West Campus

Resource requirements and sources
  • College funding for staff positions and elimination of staff deficit
  • Department funds for additional development activities and associated travel expenses
  • Departmental cash and staff support for alumni society activities
  • College/university support for counteroffers

Measuring our progress

Key metrics

Baseline (2014) 2018-19
Total dollar amount of donations to ECE $1.5M/year $2.4M/year
Number of ECE-specific endowed chairs 1 5
Foundation proposals per year 2 4
Number of faculty members in leadership positions in the college and university 3 6
Number of national and international awards received by ECE faculty members per year   +