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Goal 2: Improve research reputation to the level of the top 10 in the nation


Enhance department culture, reward, and support system to promote research growth, especially the growth of centers

  • Continue growth of research expenditures
  • Support leadership of large-scale projects and proposals  (MURI, NSF centers, etc.)
  • Support participation in multi-disciplinary teams beyond engineering and physical sciences (for example, with medicine, business, economics, and education)
  • Complete transition of ElectroScience Laboratory to a college center and develop plan for growth of ElectroScience Laboratory
  • Focus departmental student support on research active Ph.D. students

Recruit outstanding faculty via success in Discovery Theme and other college/university initiatives

  • Recruit faculty in strategic areas for advancement of the department (See Page 9)
  • ECE faculty lead or co-lead Discovery Theme proposals in all competitions and participate in multiple proposals in all competitions
  • Implement proactive recruitment procedure in personnel committee
  • Work with college leadership to define future college research initiatives and to support participation of ECE faculty in these initiatives

Promote visibility of our research strength and impact

  • Increase number of research items with broad publicity potential

  • Consistent and compelling industry engagement for student and research support

  • Incentivize activities that promote faculty and department visibility

    • Leadership of conferences and conferences organized in Columbus
    • IEEE Fellow awards
    • Editorships of top journals of each field
    • Publications in high-impact journals
    • NAE membership support and promotion
    • Leadership in national and international technical societies
  • Increase number of department internal awards

Resource requirements and sources
  • New staff position for major proposal development and project management
  • Matching funds from department and college
  • Departmental funds
  • Course release for faculty service activities

Measuring our progress

Key metrics

Baseline (2014) 2018-19
Increase research expenditures per FTE tenure track faculty $460K $500K
Number of ECE-led proposals of more than $1M/year each year 1 3
Discovery theme proposals w/ECE participation (per contest) 2 2
US News graduate ranking 18 15
Number of IEEE Fellows 19 21
General/program conference chairs   +
Faculty editors of leading journals   +
Number of industry projects   +
Funding from industry +5% per year
Annual internal department awards 2 6
Faculty officers of technical societies   +
Conversion of ESL to center Complete