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Goal 1: Enrich and advance our education program


Assess and refine course curriculum

  • Analyze student surveys and performance data from sophomore sequence to improve instructional outcomes
  • Grow integration with EEIC to enhance ECE presence in freshman year and to increase ECE participation in interdisciplinary capstone design program
  • Complete implementation of MS non-thesis design project program
  • Improve laboratory offerings through MS non-thesis project participation
  • Grow relationship with regional campuses

Build partnerships with international universities and industry

  • Build industry/government laboratory sponsorship and guidance for undergraduate capstone and MS non-thesis programs
  • Create a departmental committee to define and manage international partnerships and grow the number of partnerships and student participants

Expand distance education programs

  • Define and implement incentives for faculty participation in distance education programs
  • Create distance offerings for junior-level entry courses to facilitate co-op and internship experiences for students
  • Increase number of professional education offerings
  • Create focused programs for MS degree in “niche areas” of department expertise

Resource requirements and sources
  • Course release provided to faculty as necessary
  • Funding from industry/government laboratories for MS program projects
  • Financial incentives for faculty distance education participation (e.g. return of portion of tuition or enrollment charges)
  • Tuition support for students participating in international programs
  • COE support for faculty EEIC participation

Measuring our progress

Key metrics

Baseline (2014) 2018-19
Number of distance courses offered 3 8
Number of industry/government laboratory sponsored design projects 0 5
Number of international partnerships 3 6
Number of Ohio State ECE students studying abroad through international partnerships 4 20
Number of ECE faculty involved in EEIC activities 2 5