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Women in ECE

Welcome to ECE!  Women are choosing the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering in increasing numbers to be part of the excitement of developing new technologies, especially those that impact humans and society (Benefits of ECE).

Society of Women Engineers at OSU: There is a very active OSU SWE student group at OSU that you could considering joining.

Women in Engineering Program: The OSU WIE program provides many opportunities to socialize and network with other engineering women, find mentors, and mentor others.

Outreach: Some ECE women get involved in ECE outreach to K-12 students.

Humanitarian Engineering: Quite a few women in engineering join OSU Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) to help developing communities around the world and in Columbus.  Some also join the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) group at OSU or the OSU Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). More information on opportunities in humanitarian engineering are available on the College of Engineering website.

Women Faculty: There are a number of women faculty in ECE, each of whom is listed below.

Prof. Betty Lise Anderson
Research Areas: working on photonically producing true time delays for phased radar array antennas; investigating optical cross-connects, optical code division multiple access, quality of signal monitoring in optical networks, and other optical devices

Prof. Yuejie Chi
Research Areas: statistical signal processing, statistical machine learning, information theory, coding theory; and their applications in high-dimensional data analysis, active sensing, image processing, networks, wireless communications, and bioinformatics

Prof. Lori Dalton
Research Areas: genomic signal processing, pattern recognition, estimation, optimization, robust filtering, information theory, and systems biology

Prof. Joanne DeGroat
Research Areas: computer architecture, VLSI, electronic design automation, and hardware/software codesign

Prof. Lisa Fiorentini
Research Areas: control and systems theory, nonlinear and adaptive control, robust control, tracking and regulation, non-minimum phase systems, over-actuated systems, control-oriented model design, model order reduction, applications in automotive and aerospace systems

Prof. Fusun Ozguner
Research Areas: parallel and fault tolerant architectures, wireless mobile and sensor networks, interprocessor communication in parallel architectures, real-time parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithm design, particularly for computer-aided sesign of VLSI circuits, heterogeneous computing

Prof. Jiankang Wang

Research Areas: power systems, smart grid, distribution system control and protection, demand response, and power system economics