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Minorities in ECE

Welcome to ECE! We welcome under-represented minorities into ECE. It is a great field to study, with significant impact (Benefits of ECE).

Student Organizations: There are several student organizations that you may consider joining at OSU:

  1. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE): A number of our African-American ECE students join the local OSU chapter of the NSBE.
  2. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE): A number of our Hispanic students join the OSU chapter of SHPE.

Minority in Engineering Program: The OSU MIE program offers you opportunities to connect with mentors, enjoy a support network, and mentor others through volunteering in the community and participating in recruiting events.

Outreach: Some get involved in ECE outreach to K-12 students.

Humanitarian Engineering: Quite a few students in engineering join OSU Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) to help developing communities around the world and in Columbus.  Some also join the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) group at OSU or the OSU Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). More information on opportunities in humanitarian engineering are available on the College of Engineering website.