Dr. Burn Lin Travel Grant Award


The Dr. Burn Lin Travel Grant Award is awarded to two graduate student recipients per semester within The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, including summertime, for a total of six awards a year. The funding allows graduate students to attend and present a paper at an upcoming conference.

The grant is made possible because of a generous endowment from ECE distinguished alumnus Dr. Burn Lin. One-time awards in the amount of $500 each are available to graduate students in the early stages of their academic career to cover conference travel expenses. Only one student per advisor is chosen in each session, based on who applies first.

Application criteria:

- The student must be the first author of a paper submitted to a national or international conference of repute.
- The student must be presenting the work at the conference.
- The student must have passed the qualifying exam, but not have taken the candidacy exam at the time of submission. This last requirement is meant to encourage students to present their research early in their graduate student years.
- Before submitting the travel request, applicants should send a preliminary request to the Graduate Studies committee @ eng-Burn-Lin@osu.edu. Please include:

  • Student name
  • Advisor(s) name
  • List all authors of the paper
  • State the title of the paper
  • Name of the conference, its location and venue
  • Provide confirmation of student acceptance to the conference
  • Provide approval confirmation from advisor

Click the link below to apply:

After receiving approval to submit a travel award application (sent to eng-Burn-Lin@osu.edu), complete the Dr. Burn Lin Graduate Travel Grant Award application:



To contact the ECE Graduate Studies Committee, click HERE.