Multi-University Research Initiatives (MURIs)

The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud of the incredible and diverse research in which our faculty members are actively involved. Their research includes serving as principal investigators or Ohio State team leads for nine current multidisciplinary university research initiatives.

Design-for-Reliability Initiative for Future Technologies (DRIFT)

Steven Ringel, Professor, MURI Ohio State Lead

Goal: Develop models and methods to identify fundamental physical mechanisms of GaN transistor degradation during operation, leading to the development of a physics-based predictive model of device reliability in high power high frequency GaN RF electronics.

Partner schools: UC Santa Barbara (lead), MIT, Univ. of Michigan, Vanderbilt and North Carolina State

Devices and Architectures for Terahertz Electronics (DATE)

Siddharth Rajan, Associate Professor, MURI Ohio State Lead

Paul Berger, Professor, Co-Principal Investigator

Kubilay Sertel, Assistant Professor, Co-Principal Investigator

John Volakis, Professor/Chope Chair, Co-Principal Investigator

Goal: Develop III-nitride semiconductor devices that operate above 1 Thz.

Partner schools: Notre Dame (lead), Johns Hopkins and Wright State

Dielectric Enhancements for Innovative Nitride Electronics (DEFINE)

Steven Ringel, Professor, MURI Ohio State Lead

Goal: Explore and develop a fully characterized, robust set of dielectrics for GaN to enable novel functionalities in GaN electronic devices.

Partner schools: UC Santa Barbara (lead), Stanford, Arizona State, Yale, MIT and Harvard

Extreme Electron Concentration Devices (EXEDE)

Siddharth Rajan, Associate Professor, MURI Ohio State Lead

Goal: Investigate electronic and plasmonic applications of oxide semiconductors with extremely high charge density

Partner schools: UCSB (lead), Yale and Stanford

Value-centered Information Theory for Adaptive Learning, Inference, Tracking, and Exploitation

Emre Ertin, Research Assistant Professor, MURI Ohio State Lead

Randy Moses, Associate Dean / Professor, MURI Co-Principal Investigator

Goal: Develop a comprehensive set of principles for task-specific information extraction and information exploitation that can be used to design the next generation of autonomous and adaptive sensing systems.

Partner schools: Univ. of Michigan (lead), Arizona State, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego

Materials with Extraordinary Spin-mediated Thermal Properties

Roberto Myers, Associate Professor, MURI Primary Investigator

Goal: To develop new materials with extraordinary thermal properties based on spin effect, converting heat into a quantum mechanical operation.

Partner schools: Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, UCLA, Univ. of Texas-Austin

High-power RF devices using metamaterials

John Volakis, Professor, MURI Principal Investigator

Goal: Adapt metamaterial concepts to develop smaller and optimal high power microwave devices.

Partner schools: Univ. of New Mexico, MIT and UC-Irvine

Modeling, Analysis, and Algorithms for Stochastic Control of Multi-Scale Military Networks

Ness Shroff, Professor, MURI Principal Investigator

Goal: Develop a theoretical foundation for modeling, analysis, and control of highly heterogeneous, complex and mobile tactical military networks to produce provably efficient and practical control mechanisms to achieve high performance, robustness, and security.

Partner schools: MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, Univ. of Maryland, Purdue, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cornell














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