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Current Research

Many faculty and researchers at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are known and respected worldwide for their ongoing work in analog and RF electronic circuits; bioengineering; communication and signals processing; computer and digital systems; networking; computer vision and image processing; control systems; robotics and intelligent transportation; electromagnetics, remote sensing and microwaves; electro-optics and photonics; nanotechnology and electronic materials; as well as sustainable energy and power systems.

With this page, we hope to provide a steady look into the research coming out of the department. Much of this effort is hitting the pages of respected scientific journals and making waves within the industry.

Research work:

ECE Prof and IEEE senior member, Fernando L. Teixeira, co-authored a paper being published in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. 63, NO. 10, OCTOBER 2015 edition. 

The title of the work is, "A Nodal Continuous-Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method for Maxwell's Equations," and is written by additional researchers Luis Diaz Angulo, Jesus Alvarez, Member, IEEE, M. Fernández Pantoja, Senior Member, IEEE, and Salvador G. Garcia, Senior Member, IEEE.

Link to the paper:'s_Equations/links/56003a0a08ae07629e528886.pdf

Work by professors Luis Felipe Giraldo and Kevin Passino is scheduled for publication in a future issue of IEEEXplore. Their research, "Dynamic Task Performance, Cohesion, and Communications in Human Groups," develops mathematical models surrounding the study of behavior in social groups given the challenge of solving a task. Learn more about how it relates to psychology, sociology, social work, engineering and more HERE.

Longya XuAlejandro PinaIEEE Fellow and professor Longya Xu, along with his Ph.D. student Alejandro Pina, were recently published by the IEEEXplore, for their research work, "Comparison of apparent power consumption in synchronous reluctance and induction motor under vector control."

Find the whole paper here:


Sen LiWei ZhangTwo ECE researchers, Sen Li and Wei Zhang, recently submitted a conference paper tackling the Stackelberg economic theory as it applies to improving the efficiency and reliability of the future smart grid scenario.

Read the full paper HERE.

Li is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering. His research interests include control and planning of hybrid and stochastic dynamic systems, and their application in various engineering fields, especially electric vehicles, ancillary market and energy systems. 

Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research draws on the diverse methods from control theory, optimization theory, and game theory to aid in the analysis and design of complex dynamical systems. 

Umit CatalyurekECE/Biomedical Informatics faculty member Umit Catalurek was recently completed a collaborative paper called, "Ab Initio No Core Shell Model — Recent Results and Further Prospects."

The 17-person research team of authors, made up of phycists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians from around the world, participated in the work.

"We present here a selection of recent results for light nuclei and neutron drops in external traps and set out some of the challenges that lie ahead. The results include both those utilizing the JISP16 NN interaction and those using chiral effective field theory NN plus 3N interactions. We also present a selection of algorithms developed for high-performance computers that are helping to rapidly pave the way to efficient utilization of exascale machines (1018 floating point operations per second)," the paper states.

Read the full research HERE.


You HanEylem EkiciA collaboration between ECE and the Department of Research and Development at the Toyota InfoTechnology Center yielded new automotive industry research published by IEEEXplore for the 2015 13th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt).

You Han and Eylem Ekici teamed up with Haris Kremo and Onur Altintas in Tokyo for the paper titled, "Enabling Coexistence of Cognitive Vehicular Networks and IEEE 802.22 Networks via Optimal Resource Allocation.

Their research addresses the co-existence problems between portable and fixed wireless networks, thus allowing for stronger connectivity to vehicular networks.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to deal with the coexistence issue between 802.22 networks (or Wireless Regional Area Networks) and cognitive vehicular networks (CVNs)," the paper states.

Read the full paper HERE

ZhengWensingOrin“Dynamic Walking in a Humanoid Robot Based on a 3D Actuated Dual-SLIP Model”
By Yiping Liu, Patrick M. Wensing, David E. Orin, and Yuan F. Zheng

Collaboration between ECE and MIT to improve humanoid walking gait patterns through the 3D Actuated Dual-SLIP model. Find the full paper HERE.

Guo“Polypyrrole-Based Implantable Electroactive Pump for Controlled
Drug Microinjection”
Bingxi Yan, Boyi Li, Forest Kunecke, Zhen Gu and Liang Guo

Collaboration between ECE and Ohio State Department of Neurosciences to create improved implantable insulin injection devices for diabetic patients through the use of polypyrrole composite film. Find the full paper HERE.

TeixeiraSainath"Perfectly Reflectionless Omnidirectional Absorbers and Electromagnetic Horizons," by Kamalesh Sainath and Fernando L. Teixeira. To be published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America B,
June 16, 2015. The two demonstrate the existence and limitations of metamaterial blueprints concerning perfectly reflectionless omnidirectional electromagnetic absorbers (PR-OEMA). Find the full paper HERE.