Faculty Honors



The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to have a number of faculty and active emeritus faculty who have received national and international honors. 

National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member

• Robert E. Fenton (2003) for pioneering systems research and engineering on the design and operation of automated highway systems

• Marvin H. White (2001) for contributions to solid-state imagers and for advances in silicon devices and technology 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellows

  • Jin Wang (2021) for development of high density power converters and their use in electric cars

  • Ayanna Howard (2021) for contributions to human-robot interaction systems.

  • Xiaorui Wang (2020) for contributions to power management of data center servers and embedded systems.

  • Steven Ringel (2020) for contributions to compound semiconductor phototovoltaics
  • Eylem Ekici (2017) for contributions to algorithms, protocols, and architectures of multi-hop wireless networks
  • Chi-Chih Chen (2015) for contributions wideband and miniature antennas  
  • Aylin Yener (2015) for contributions to wireless communication theory and wireless information security.
  • Fernando L. Teixeira (2015) For contributions to time-domain electromagnetic techniques and applications
  • Sanjay Krishna (2014) for contributions to infrared detectors and focal plane arrays
  • Philip Schniter (2013) for contributions to signal processing in communications.
  • Paul Berger (2011) for contributions to the understanding, development, and fabrication of silicon-based resonant interband tunneling devices and circuits  
  • Hesham El Gamal (2010) for contributions to multiple-input multiple-output and cooperative communications
  • Randy Moses (2010) for contributions to statistical signal processing
  • Umit Ozguner (2010) for contributions to the development of intelligent autonomous vehicles
  • Shanker Balasubramaniam (2010) for contributions to time and frequency domain in computational electromagnetics.
  • Joel Johnson (2008) for contributions to ocean surface remote sensing using microwave systems
  • Robert Lee (2008) for contributions to finite element and finite difference methods in electromagnetic
  • Ness B. Shroff (2007) for contributions to the modeling, analysis and control of computer communication networks 
  • Jin-Fa Lee (2005) for contributions to computational electromagnetic
  • Bob Burkholder (2005) for contributions to computing electromagnetic wave scattering from realistically complex structures 
  • Vadim Utkin (2004) for contributions to the theory of variable structure and sliding mode control
  • Longya Xu (2004) for contributions to the design, analysis, and control of doubly excited brushless reluctance machines
  • Antonio Conejo (2004) For contributions to analytical techniques for power system scheduling
  • Kevin Passino (2004) for contributions to stability and control of discrete event and intelligent systems 
  • Leonard J. Brillson (2001) for contributions to the understanding and control of semiconductor interfaces and electrical contacts by atomic-scale techniques
  • Inder “Jiti” Gupta (2000) Life Fellow: for contributions to the theory and advancement of compact ranges for accurate electromagnetic measurement and for analysis and applications of adaptive antennas
  • Yuan Zheng (1997) for contributions to the development of mechanisms for coordination of multiple robots and manipulators.
  • Stephen A. Sebo (1993) Life Fellow: for contributions to the development of techniques for scale modeling for high-voltage transmission stations and leadership in electric power engineering education
  • David Orin (1993) for contributions to the computation of robot kinematics and dynamics
  • Robert Fenton (1986) Life Fellow: for contributions to control systems for automatic control of high-speed highway vehicles 
  • Marvin H. White (1974) Life Fellow: for contributions to the theory and development of solid-state electronic devices, especially memory transistors and charge-coupled imaging arrays (1974)

Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Fellows

Betty Lise Anderson (2015) for contributions to the optics and photonics industry.

• Sanjay Krishna for contributions to narrow bandgap semiconductors applied to infrared imaging sensors and related technologies. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellows

OSA Fellows

Sanjay Krishna for contributions to narrow bandgap semiconductors applied to infrared imaging sensors and related technologies. 

American Physical Society (APS)

Len Brillson

Materials Research Society (MRS)

Len Brillson

AVS Science & Technology Society (AVS)

Len Brillson