ECE 5078: Student Lead New Venture Pitches

The culmination of the new Empowering the Entrepreneurial Engineer class results in a student-led pitch to industry leaders.

Final presentations for Dr. Sanjay Krishna's Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) 5078 class take place from 3 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. on April 14, 16, and 19.

Krishna said the students will pitch their New Technology Ventures in a Shark Tank-style competition with cash prizes.

See the full schedule:

Date and Time

Company Name

Team Members

4/14, 3:00-3:15PM

Welcome and Introductions


4/14, 3:20-3:35PM

Advent Robotics

Chris Chreech, James Messner, and Minzheng Jiang

4/14 3:40-3:55PM

Valenzia Inc.

Katie Lenz and Natalie Valko

4/16  3:00-3:15PM


Heli Naik, Ahmed Negm, and Shrey Sartandel

4/16  3:20-3:35PM

MMP Enterprises

Mustafa Kolanci, Michael Jin, and Prem Methuku

4/16  3:40-3:55PM

Happy Little Trees Inc.

Yibo Xu, Joe Caraballo, and Carlos Perez-Oviedo

4/19  3:00-3:15PM


Justin Gilg, Steve Pennington, and Peng Qing

4/19  3:20-3:35PM

RF Works

Rashmi Lalwani, Mridula Khade, and Shehan Perea

4/19 3:40-3:55PM

Electrolife Health & Wellness

Collin O’Brien, Stefanie Seitzinger, and Maya Tamaskar

Judges include:

• Bill Baumel, managing director of the Ohio Innovation Fund

• Cheryl Turnbull, senior director Venture Capital and New Ventures at Ohio State

• Dr. Tom Burns, technology entrepreneur and investor

Register at the link below to receive a zoom link for ECE 5078’s final presentations: