Distinguished Seminar: Dr. Matthew Turk, "Legal and Ethical Considerations of Face Recognition"

United States

Distinguished Seminar:

Join the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for a special seminar by Dr. Matthew Turk from Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.


Tuesday, Nov 19th 1:15 p.m - 2:15 p.m

Dreese Lab 260 (Coffee and cookies provided)

Title: Legal and Ethical Considerations of Face Recognition

 Abstract: Computing technology, artificial intelligence, and computer vision have had many well-publicized problems and limitations, raising considerable recent discussion about the ethics of IT, AI, and CV. Legislation has been introduced or is being considered at all levels to regulate, and in some cases disallow, various technologies and their uses. Automatic face recognition is a particularly interesting case, with complex ethical and legal implications. How should governments, companies, and citizens address such issues? What are our responsibilities as researchers and developers? Let’s discuss.