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Seminar: "Radar Research at the Microwave Integrated System Laboratory (MISL)"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
MRC Conference Room, ESL Lab
1330 Kinnear Road, Columbus
Columbus, OH 43210

The IEEE AP-MTT Chapter will host Professor Mike Cherniakov for his presentation, "Radar Research at the Microwave Integrated System Laboratory (MISL)."

Cherniakov is from the School of Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Abstract: The Microwave Integrated System Laboratory was established in 2013 and specialized in the broad area of radar technology. The laboratory has three academics, three to four research fellows, 10- to 15 PhD students and at any one time has two to three academic visitors. Major topics and themes of research are forward scatter radar; passive SAR, automotive short-range sensors and a new stream – low THz radar. This talk will describe research on-going in each of these areas.

Biography: Prof. Mike Cherniakov, PhD, DSc graduated Moscow Technical University MIEE. During his carrier he worked in MIEEE, Ru; University of Queensland, Au; University of Birmingham, UK; Prof. Cherniakov is the author of over 250 journal and conference publications and is the author and editor of 3 books - all on the radar technology. At different stages of his carrier he has been extensively involved in many aspects of radar research and development. This includes active protection radar, anti-missile radar, ground penetrating radar, surface monitoring radar, bi-static radar, automotive radar, SAR, THz radar and most recently, radar aids for the sight impaired.