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Electronic Materials & Devices Laboratory

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The Electronic Materials and Devices Lab (EMDL) formed in 1991 by Professor Steve Ringel when he arrived in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ohio State as an assistant professor.  Since then, EMDL has grown to support the graduation of 25 PhD students, 52 MS students, 11 postdoctoral researchers and many undergraduate research students carrying out research supported by U.S. government agencies, industry and the state of Ohio.  EMDL graduates have gone on to become vice presidents of major technology companies, distinguished research scientists at government labs, distinguished faculty at leading universities in the U.S. and overseas, senior engineers, technology entrepreneurs, and even a patent attorney!  EMDL students, staff and faculty are engaged in research collaborations across Ohio, the U.S. and many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. 


EMDL research sits at the nexus of device engineering, electronic materials, applied physics and chemistry, with focus areas on photovoltaics, electronic devices, power electronics, and optoelectronics. We routinely partner with industry collaborators through a variety of corporate engagements, some of which are intertwined with the OSU Institute for Materials Research (imr.osu.edu) for which Professor Ringel is the current and founding director (since 2006). EMDL students come from a range of academic backgrounds that include electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.  Both interdisciplinary research and basic research that has translational impact on technology are strongly encouraged!  A sampling of typical EMDL research projects focus on:


  • III-V compound semiconductor photovoltaics for space and terrestrial applications
  • III-V/Si heteroepitaxial integration, lattice-mismatched heterostructures
  • Defect characterization
  • Epitaxial growth (Molecular beam epitaxy & metalorganic chemical vapor deposition)
  • ultra-wide bandgap gallium oxide materials and devices
  • wide bandgap gallium nitride materials, RF devices and power transistors
  • defects and reliability in UWBG and WBG transistors and CIGS solar cells
  • radiation effects in semiconductor materials and devices


An idea of what EMDL is all about can be found via the various links on this simple website. 


For more information about research opportunities please contact any of the EMDL faculty – Steve RingelTyler Grassman or Aaron Arehart.


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Steven Ringel picture

Steven A. Ringel


Distinguished University Professor

Neal A. Smith Endowed Chair of Electrical Engineering

Associate Vice President for Research, OSU Office of Research

Executive Director, Institute for Materials Research


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