Electronics Domain Electives

Beyond the core requirements, circuits and electronics is available as an area of concentration. Desktop and embedded computers are only practical because of the advances in circuit design in integrated circuits. All electrical systems depend on electronic circuits that evolve to become smaller, faster, cheaper, and better.

Students interested in circuits and electronics can obtain more hands-on electronic experience by studying both analog and digital integrated circuits. RF/microwave electronics is crucial in implementation of wireless systems. Power electronics deals with circuit elements used to regulate voltages in all electronic systems.

ECE elective courses (3 credits each)

  • Mixed Signal VLSI (ECE 5020)
  • Analog Integrated Circuits (ECE 5021)
  • Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (ECE 5022)
  • Intro to Integrated Circuits Test & Measurement (ECE 5120)


  • Electronics Lap Lab (ECE 3027): 0.5 credits
  • Real-time Digital Signal Processing Lab (ECE 5027): 4 credits