Curriculum Requirements

Currently, a total of 128 semester hours are required for both the Electrical Engineering program of study (EES) and the Computer Engineering program of study (CES). The college requirements total 104 credit hours and the General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements total 24 credit hours, for a total of 128 credit hours required for graduation. See appropriate program worksheet (or bingo sheet) under helpful documents below. Bingo sheets not listed below are available from your advisor, if needed. Your specific bingo sheet is determined by the term and year you started at Ohio State. Academy and Fresh Start students need to contact their advisor to determine applicable bingo sheet.

ECE Requirements Summary

Find complete details for both the Electrical Engineering program of study and Computer Engineering program of study: Quarters to Semesters Comparison of Requirements

  • Chemistry: 1 course, 4 hours
  • Computer and Information Sciences:
    • EES: 1 course, 3 hours
    • CES: 6 courses, 19 hours 
  • Electrical Engineering:
    • EES: 11 courses, 30 hours
    • CES: 10 courses, 25 hours
  • Engineering: 2 courses, 6 hours
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: 1 course, 2 hours
  • Mathematics: 4 courses, 16 hours
  • Physics: 2 courses, 10 hours
  • Technical Electives and Directed Electives:
    • EES: 31 hours
    • CES: 20 hours
  • GEC Courses: 24 hours

General Education Curriculum Requirements

The General Education Curriculum (GEC) is a body of courses designed to assure that each student becomes acquainted with the basic areas of academic study. To meet the GEC requirements, credit hours must be completed from the following eight areas of academic study: writing and related skills, quantitative and logical skills, social diversity in the United States, social sciences, and arts and humanities. The typical student will take 24 credit hours of GEC.

Helpful Documents*

  • Worksheets and Curricula Information: Includes all important undergraduate program information including the ECE Standards of Academic Performance, curriculum requirements, bingo sheets, directed electives, and more.

* All documents are available in alternative format from the ECE main office, Dreese Labs 205.