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Quarters to Semesters Transition

ECE Information

The documents below include information on the Electrical and Computer Engineering undergraduate semester curricula. While the structure of the semester curricula for the Electrical Engineering program of study and Computer Engineering program of study should be stable, course numbers may change. The proposed semester courses are still working their way through the college and university approval process.

For undergraduates who start under quarters and finish under semesters: Electrical and Computer Engineering will give you your choice of graduating by meeting the quarter requirements, or graduating meeting semester requirements. See the BS proposal for a detailed explanation of the requirements. You may choose whichever is most advantageous to you, but once you choose, you will not be allowed to switch to the other. You must choose one or the other; there will be no mixing-and-matching of requirements. To evaluate your most expeditious path, use the appropriate transition tables: (both must be completed before seeing your advisor)
CES Students: CES quarters (updated 8/24/11) | CES semesters (updated 8/24/11)
EES Students: EES quarters (updated 8/24/11) | EES semesters (updated 8/24/11)

To use the transition tables: Find the row in each category (e.g. "Math and Basic Sciences") that describes the exact combination of courses you will have completed by the end of quarter indicated for that particular category, and the table will tell you how to complete the core course requirements for your program of study under the semester plan (one table) and quarter plan (the other table). Note that the table asks where you are in a specific quarter, and the quarters may vary from category to category, depending on the transition plans/courses in particular area. Also note that these tables do not cover the elective requirements, which are discussed in the transition plan for the ECE BS program.  Please complete these tables before meeting with your advisor. The differences between the two sets of tables reflect the differences in requirements between the quarter and semester ECE programs.