Course Registration Issues

There are different course registration requirements for precandidacy MS students and post candidacy students.

Pre-candidacy: MS students and PhD students who have not taken the candidacy exam

  • Students with GA and Fellowship appointments: If a student holds a GRA, GAA or GTA appointment, GAs should register for at least 8 graduate credits in Autumn and Spring semester, 4 graduate credits in Summer term. 
  • Students with Fellowship appointments must register for at least 12 credits in Autumn and Spring semester, and 6 credits in Summer term.  If students do not register for the minimum credit requirements established by the Graduate School, the Graduate School will revoke the tuition waiver.
  • International students NOT holding a GRA or GTA appointment must register for at least 8 credits Autumn and Spring semester (including any required undergraduate hours) to maintain their visa status.  
  • Registration for at least 3 graduate credits during the graduation term is required for all graduate students.

Post Candidacy PhD students

  • All doctoral students who have passed the Candidacy Examination must register for 3 graduate credits per term, which is considered fulltime enrollment. Special permission is required to register for more than 3 credits.
  • Continuous Enrollment policy: All students who successfully complete the doctoral candidacy examination are required to be enrolled in every semester (summer session is excluded) until graduation. These students must be enrolled for at least 3 graduate credits per semester. This policy is effective for all students who were admitted to the Graduate School Autumn Quarter 2008 and after (Section VII.8 of the Graduate Handbook).
  • Completion of Ph.D. degree requirements is required within 5 years after being admitted to candidacy.

Course Registration

Most courses can be scheduled online from BuckeyeLink. For courses requiring instructor permission, email permission from the instructor or the course enrollment form is submitted to Registration Services at the Graduate School.

Additional course registration requirements can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.