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    What types of financial aid are available and how do I apply for them?
  2. What types of financial aid are available to BS/MS applicants?
  3. How do I set up an OSU e-mail account?
  4. How do I register for classes?
  5. How do I find a faculty advisor
  6. What is the procedure for transferring to the ECE Grad Program from a different graduate program at OSU?
  7. Where can I park on Ohio State campus?
  8. How do I contact the ECE graduate program?
  9. When are applications to graduate due?
  10. When are course enrollment forms required?
  11. Where can I find information on the quarters to semesters transition and how it will affect the ECE graduate program?
  12. Are there some great smartphone apps you would recommend for students?

1. What types of financial aid are available and how do I apply for them?

There are four types of financial aid offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each pays all tuition and fees, in addition to providing a monthly stipend. To apply for one or more of them, please check the appropriate box on the application form under "financial aid."

University Fellowship

  • Fellowships are awarded through a rigorous university-wide competition. The most qualified ECE applicants are nominated by the department to receive a University Fellowship. Fellowship awards can be for one, two or three years. To be considered for a fellowship, applications (with the box marked "fellowship" checked) must be received before December 15 for domestic applicants, and before November 30 for international applicants. Fellowship applicants must submit a one- to two-page resume and GRE scores with the writing component.

Graduate Research Associate (GRA)

  • GRA appointments are awarded by individual faculty members based on the interest and qualifications of the student and the availability of project funds. GRA appointments are funded directly by faculty members and are supported by grants from external funding sources. A GRA is responsible for performing research tasks under the direction of the professor by whom he is funded. GRA appointments are awarded throughout the year as grant money becomes available. Applicants should contact individual faculty directly to inquire about possible GRA positions. Faculty also review applicant files for statements of purpose that show interest relating to their particular research area.

Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA)

  • GTA positions are awarded by the department based on the student's ability, teaching interest and past performance, and departmental needs. In addition to pursuing a graduate degree, a GTA is responsible for 20 hours per week of teaching duties, which could include conducting lab or recitation sessions, grading homework and quizzes, and otherwise assisting the professor with the class. GTA appointments are typically awarded on a quarter by quarter basis. Interested applicants should contact Prof. Betty Lise Anderson, Associate Chair. Note that students for whom English is not a native language are required to pass a spoken English test before they can be GTAs with student contact. This qualification can be met by obtaining a score of  28, 29, or 30 on the iBT TOEFL speaking component, administered by ETS, or passing a SPEAK test that is given locally at OSU for $75, or completing EDUTL 505 and passing the Mock Teaching Test. For further information on English testing, please visit

Graduate Administrative Associate (GAA)

  • The ECE department offers a limited number of GAA positions. Like GTAs, GAAs are also awarded by the department as they are needed and as positions become available. In addition to pursuing a graduate degree, a GAA assists faculty and staff in various administrative duties 20 hours per week.

Funding opportunities for BS/MS applicants are included in FAQ #2.

2. What types of financial aid are available to BS/MS applicants?

  • BS/MS applicants who commit to pursuing a PhD, apply by the December 15 deadline, and submit GRE scores are eligible for Graduate School Fellowships starting in the first year of their PhD degree. Note: BS/MS students for whom MS is the final degree are not eligible for Graduate School Fellowships.
  • BS/MS students will continue to be eligible for undergraduate scholarships through BS graduation.
  • Upon receiving their undergraduate degree, BS/MS students become eligible for graduate associateships. Please see FAQ#1 for details.

3. How do I set up an OSU e-mail account?

After you have been admitted into the ECE Graduate Program, you will be able to set up your OSU e-mail account. Go here and follow the instructions to activate your account online. You will be asked to input information such as OSU ID number and birth date. This will enable you to activate your OSU e-mail account and select a password.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Ohio State’s Buckeye Mail are available online.

4. How do I register for classes?

An active OSU e-mail account is required to register for classes. The username for registration is "lastname.#" (same as your OSU e-mail address without the "" part). The registration password is the same as your OSU e-mail password.

The OSU Registration page at permits students to register, view fee information, and check their account statements. Health insurance is mandatory for enrolling in classes at OSU. Please choose either student health insurance (a monthly premium will be charged), or "No Coverage" which will require current health insurance provider information.

To view course descriptions and obtain call numbers for the desired academic semester, click on "course bulletin and master schedule of classes," or view ECE course information here. Once you have made your course selection, please click on "web registration for classes" to proceed with registration. After all your call numbers have been entered, click on the "update/refresh" button. To verify your schedule, click on "final report".

Note: See the registration requirements for students on GA appointments (GAA, GRA, GTA) or University Fellowships.

5. How do I find a faculty advisor?

In order to select a faculty advisor, please go to the faculty directory. Choose a research area that interests you and visit the websites of the faculty members listed. Establish contact with the selected faculty member by e-mail to inquire about advising opportunities. Faculty advisor selection may also be made after arrival on the OSU campus.

6. What is the procedure for transferring to the ECE Grad Program from a different graduate program at OSU?

First, establish contact with a faculty member in Electrical and Computer Engineering to serve as your advisor, as well as two additional ECE faculty members to support your transfer application. Then, submit the following: (1) A signed transfer of graduate program form, (2) a copy of your latest OSU transcript, (3) a copy of your entire academic file obtained from your current graduate program, (4) a statement of purpose explaining why you wish to transfer to ECE, and (5) three reference letters from ECE faculty members, including the faculty member who has agreed to be your advisor. All requested documents must be submitted as one comprehensive package to the ECE Graduate Program.

7. Where can I park on the Ohio State campus?

If you are visiting the Ohio State campus and would like information on where to park, please refer to the OSU Transportation and Parking Services visitor parking website.

To obtain a quarterly or annual parking permit, incoming graduate students may register online at the OSU Transportation and Parking Services website. Parking locations and permit prices are also available at this site. A valid OSU e-mail account is needed in order to complete the online registration for a parking permit. Please refer to FAQ #3 for information on how to obtain an OSU e-mail account.

8. How do I contact the ECE graduate program?

To make an appointment with Tricia Toothman, PhD Coordinator, send an email to, or Beth Bucher, MS Coordinator, send an email to

If you need a signature from Prof. Andrea Serrani, ECE Graduate Studies Chair, or would like to make an appointment with Prof. Serrani:

  • To have a form signed, please leave the form with a graduate program coordinator, Tricia Toothman or Beth Bucher, or in the Graduate Program mailbox in 205 DL. You will be emailed when the form is approved and signed, generally within two days.
  • To meet with Prof Serrani, please email for an appointment.


9. When are applications to graduate due?

Applications to graduate: must be submitted to the Graduate School by the third Friday of each term. Please attach advising reports to the application form, and leave the form with the Graduate counselor in 205 DL for Prof. Serrani’s signature by the second Friday of the term, or no later than the Wednesday of the thrid week. You will receive an email when the application is signed, then you can take the application to the Graduate School.

10. When are course enrollment forms required?

Course Enrollment Forms:
If course permission is required to add a course, the instructor’s permission only is required until the end of the first week of classes each term. Please take the signed form to the Graduate School.

11. Where can I find information on the quarters to semesters transition and how it will affect the electrical engineering and computer engineering graduate programs?

Visit the ECE Quarters to Semesters Transition graduate website for important transition information for graduate electrical and computer engineering students, as well as links to other university resources.

12. Are there any great apps you can recommend for my smartphone that will help me as a student?

As a matter of fact, yes. Here's a link for apps for cloud storage, note-taking, math, science, literature, news, student life and more!

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