"The best part of Ohio State University are the faculty members, the mentors, and the advisors who made sure they were a part of our journey and made our mission theirs. They encouraged us throughout the way."
– MS Alumna, Kaviya Ram pandurangan
From fastrack coursework in Cybersecurity to the newly-launched Artificial Intelligence EDGE Institute, hands-on research opportunities abound within dozens of ECE faculty labs.
– Ohio State ECE
“I hope you can use whatever time you have to learn as much as you can. Especially for out-of-state or international students, Columbus really has a very active community in business and technology development. So go out and explore.”
– MS Alumna, Jessie Zhao
"The impact of the Ohio State MS program on my current position is huge. I had learned so much from the excellent graduate students around me and renowned professors in terms of ways of thinking and tackling problems. More importantly, a high standard for work quality was established after taking challenging courses and working closely with professors on projects. These are all valuable to my current and future career."
– MS alumn Mingzhao Yu - now earning his Ph.D at Penn State University
During her time earning a Master’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering in 2020, Kaviya Ram Pandurangan said the community she found at The Ohio State University led to her success today. Because of the skills she picked up, she recently began a role as an engineer at Cummins in Columbus...
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Among the many reasons people pursue electrical and computer engineering degrees is ultimately to learn how to solve problems and use those skills to make the world a better place. After earning her undergraduate degree from one of the top university’s in Iran, Ramak Vojdanpak knew she was ready for...
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“I didn’t expect it to be so cold,” Oguz Demir said, laughing. “Yeah, it was supposed to be cold, but I really felt how it hurts you when it’s below -30 degrees Celsius. I’ll never forget that.” A graduate student in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) at The Ohio State University, Demir...
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For engineering students, the pathway to entrepreneurship and innovation is full of unknowns. The Ohio State University may provide the foundation, but success requires the desire to look beyond the classroom. Electrical and Computer Engineering alumna Jessie Zhao knows this well. After graduation...
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