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Textbooks & Course Materials

Finding Textbooks

The textbooks used for ECE courses can be found at the Barnes & Noble Ohio State Bookstore on High Street. Some texts are also carried by the smaller area bookstores, but we have no way of knowing which ones or how many as that is up to the individual stores to carry or not carry them.

If a more current edition is available than the edition on our textbook list, students should inquire as to which edition will be used prior to purchasing the text.

Students can check with the OSU library system to see if an electronic version of a textbook is available.

Students can also go to their Student Center page online. Above their semester schedule there will be a button that says "Buy Textbooks." That will link to the bookstore site and all books for scheduled classes will be listed.

Course supervisors are shown on the textbook list; however, they are often not the current instructor for the course.

Always make note of the return policy at the point of purchase in case of an unavoidable text change or a course is dropped.

Course Packets

All course packets, if applicable, can also be purchased at the Barnes & Noble Ohio State Bookstore.