Sophomore Experience

Integrated Sophomore Experience:  ECE 2000 and 2100

  • An integrated learning environment in a space that is just for sophomores including space for learning, studying and socializing
  • Modern open labs, with state-of-the-art equipment and software, that are fully integrated with the lectures
  • Challenging and fun lab projects, including: building an electronic keyboard, an acoustic radar, robot arm control, solar cell characterization and other interesting projects.
As part of an exciting new initiative named the Integrated Sophomore Experience, the ECE department has developed a new sequence of courses. This sequence seamlessly integrates lectures with engaging labs based on state of the art tools and equipment, such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), microcontrollers, oscilloscopes and signal generators. It is composed of the following courses: 
  • ECE 2000 Introduction to ECE 1 (4 credits) offered every autumn and spring semester
  • ECE 2100, Introduction to ECE 2 (4 credits) offered every autumn and spring semester.

During the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years, there will be transition courses for those students who have taken or have transfer credit for some of this material.

Prerequisites for ECE 2000 are: Prereq: Math 1152 (152) or 1161.01 or 1161.02 or 1172 or 1181H or 161, and Physics 1250 or 1260 or 131, and CSE 1222 or 2221 or 202 or 205 or 221 or EnGraph 167 or Engr 1281.01H or 1281.02H or 1222 or Engineer 192.01H or 192.02H; and Engr 1182.01 or 1182.02 or 1182.03 or 1282.01H or 1282.02H or 1282.03H or Engineer 183 or 193H, or ENGR 1186 (ENGINEER 186) and 1187 (ENGINEER 187) with 1188 (ENGINEER 185) concurrent, or ENGR 1187 and 1188 with 1186 concur, or major in CIS or CIS-PRE. CPHR ≥2.00.

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