Departmental Colloquia and Seminars

During the academic year, the ECE Department and other departments host many colloquia given by visiting scholars from industry and academia as well as by our own faculty and students. Each graduate student is urged to attend as many of these colloquia as possible, certainly in his or her area of interest but also those in other research areas. All such events are posted in advance in our department’s web page and other locations around the department.

Office Assignments and Keys

The department would like to provide office space for all graduate students. However, in recent years this has been impossible due to the limited space available. The following priority will be used to allocate the available offices:

  1. Graduate Teaching Associates,
  2. Graduate Research Associates,
  3. University, U.S. corporate and government fellowship students,
  4. Other graduate students and visiting scholars.

At times it may be necessary to ask students to change offices but every attempt will be made to keep such disruptions to a minimum. Office assignments are handled by Prof. George Valco.

Graduate students with offices may obtain keys to their offices. Graduate students without offices may obtain keys to their research laboratory rooms upon the recommendation of their advisor when there is a need. All students use their OSU BuckID cards at the keycard readers to access the building. Keys are obtained by faculty emailing a request to Mr. William Thalgott.

Change of Address

It is very important that any change of address be reported immediately to the Registrar’s office. As a safety measure, report any change of address to the Graduate Program Coordinators.