Graduate Studies Committee

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Studies Committee forms a liaison between the faculty and graduate students in ECE and the Graduate School. It is responsible for setting and upholding rules specific to this department (and summarized in this handbook) over and above the minimum, general requirements set by the Graduate School in its handbook. The Graduate Studies Committee is composed of ECE faculty members appointed annually by the ECE Department Chair. The Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee represents the committee members to the faculty, the students, and the Graduate School and administers the day-to-day operation of the program. The Graduate Program Coordinator assists the Graduate Studies Chair in most procedural and routine matters and is a valuable source of information on most topics.

There are a number of subcommittees of the Graduate Studies Committee responsible for particular aspects of the graduate program administration and reporting to the Graduate Studies Committee Chair. These include the Graduate Admissions Committee and the Recruitment and Financial Aids Committee.  The student typically has little direct interaction with these committees.

Getting Help

The most important resource person available to the graduate student is the faculty advisor. If particularly difficult questions or problems arise that the advisor cannot properly address, the Graduate Studies Committee Chair should be able to address them.

Answers to procedural questions can be found in this handbook. If further clarification is required, the Graduate Program Coordinator is a good resource. The coordinator can be reached by email at ENG ECE Grad <>, or during walk-in office hours. For more substantive matters, the Graduate Studies Committee Chair is available by appointment. Email to the Graduate Studies Chair is the most efficient way to schedule an appointment.

Both the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Graduate Studies Chair request that you consult the handbook before scheduling an appointment.

Communications between the Graduate Program and the Student

Most routine correspondence between the Graduate Studies Committee (via the Graduate Program Coordinator or the Graduate Studies Chair) is handled by email. here are occasions when physical documents must be sent to the student from the graduate program. There are two mechanisms for this: US mail to the student’s local address, and a mailbox for each graduate student located in the ECE main office, 205 Dreese Lab. Students should therefore keep the Graduate Program Coordinator and the University Registrar apprised of their current address at all times and should check their mailboxes regularly.