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Application to the ECE Major

Any student seeking the BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering must apply for acceptance into the degree program. A student can apply to either the Electrical Engineering Program of Study or the Computer Engineering Program of Study. A student becomes eligible to apply at the beginning of the semester in which that student will complete the following ECE pre-major requirements. If you are unsure if you have the requirements needed to enter into the major, please schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor.

Admission to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering is by application only and is in accordance with the College of Engineering enrollment management plan approved by the University Council on Academic Affairs.

Step 1: Complete a Minimum of 12 Credit Hours at OSU

Admission to major is considered only after a student has taken at least 12 credit hours for letter grade in their undergraduate career at OSU.

Step 2: Successfully Complete the ECE Pre-Major Courses

Students must successfully complete or be currently enrolled in the following pre-major courses, whether they are in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering course of study:

Mathematics 1151 + 1172 or equivalent

Physics 1250 + 1251 or equivalent

Chemistry 1250 or equivalent

Engineering 1181 + 1182 or equivalent

Engineering or CSE 1222 or equivalent

English 1110* and a University Survey* course must also be successfully completed before entry into the major

Please refer to the application requirements listed in the last section for equivalencies. Contact an ECE Academic Advisor if you have questions.

If a student has not completed English 1110 but would have otherwise been admitted to the major, the student may request special permission to begin taking ECE classes prior to admission to the major; however, the student will not be admitted to the major until English 1110 is successfully completed. Special permission is not guaranteed and will be contingent on continued progress towards the completion of English 1110.

*Grades earned in English 1110 and University Survey are not used to calculate Eligibility Grade Point Averages

Step 3: Earn the Minimum GPA Eligibility Requirements

Students must also successfully earn the required minimum grade point averages. For the acceptance-to-major selection process, Ohio State grades comprising both the cumulative point hour ratio (CPHR) and eligibility grade point average (EGPA) are considered. The EGPA is the grade average of the pre-major courses listed above for each program of study (not including English 1110 and university survey).


During the 2019-20 academic year (includes students applying to the major during the following terms: Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Autumn 2019), students will be admitted to the Electrical and Computer Engineering major if they meet the following GPA requirement:  EGPA of 3.00 or greater.


Please know the minimum EGPA and CPHR eligibility requirements are subject to change for the subsequent academic year. 

If you have transfer credit for any of the EGPA courses, an additional policy may apply to you. Please read this policy here.

Additional Notes Regarding GPA Eligibility Requirements

Grade point averages are never rounded up for comparison to thresholds for admission to major.  Less significant digits are removed by truncation.

If you completed pre-major courses at other institutions, these transfer grades are not used to calculate the EGPA or CPHR.

If you repeated any of the pre-major courses on quarters, all Ohio State grades will be used to calculate the EGPA (with the exception of courses repeated under the Freshman Forgiveness Rule, University Rule 3335-7-271).

If you repeated any of the pre-major courses on semesters, the higher of the two Ohio State grades is used to calculate the EGPA (with the exception of courses repeated under the Grade Forgiveness Rule, University Rule 2335-8-27.1 for which the orginial grade is excluded).

Step 4: Complete and Submit the Application to Major

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering accepts applications to the major every semester. Students must complete the online ECE Major Application no later than the third Friday of the semester in which the student is completing their pre-major requirements (i.e. the semester before the students wants to enter the major). Students will be permitted to register for ECE major courses for the following semester. The Department may deny registration in electrical and computer engineering courses to those students who have not been admitted to the BSECE major or those who do not have the written permission of the Department.

For admission to the major starting:

Submit application by 11:59 pm on:

Autumn semester

3rd Friday of previous Spring semester or 3rd Friday of previous Summer term

Spring semester

3rd Friday of previous Autumn semester

Summer term

3rd Friday of previous Spring semester

Students will be notified of official acceptance into the major via their OSU email after grades for all courses are checked at the end of the semester in order to determine appropriate EGPA and CPHR.

ECE Major Application

Please review the following necessary information contained in the online application prior to completing it. Your application will not be submitted until you have completed all required information. After submitting it successfully, you will be able to download a copy of your submission for your records.

Application Requirements

Student must have completed or be currently enrolled in the following eligibility point-hour ratio (EPHR) courses:

  • Math Engineering Calculus Series: MATH 1151 and 1172 or various combinations of 151, 152, 154, 1544, 153, 254, 114, 1114, 1152, 2153, 1161, 2162, 161, 162, 263, 1181H, 2182H, 4181H, 4182H, 190H, 191H, or 264H.
  • PHYSICS 1250 and 1251 or various combinations of 131, 132, 133, 1240, 1241, 1260, or 1261.
  • CHEMISTRY 1250 (121); or 1220 if you have completed CHEMISTRY 1210.
  • CSE 1222 (202) or ENGR 1222; or ENGR 1281.01H or 1281.02H (192.01H or 192.02H); or CSE 202, 205, 221; or ENGRAPH 167.
  • ENGR 1181 and 1182 (181 and 183); or ENGR 1281H and 1282H (191H, 192H, and 193H); or ENGR 1186, 1187, and 1188 (185, 186, and 187).
  • ENGR 1100 or 1110 and 1120 (not included in EPHR calculation)
  • ENGLISH 1110 (not included in EPHR calculation)

To complete this application to major, you also will need an electronic copy of your Ohio State Advising Report, available on your Buckeyelink Student Center.